Our Business

Long-Term Investor

China Sonangol International Singapore was established on the principle of encouraging deeper and broader South-South cooperation, in particular, between relatively more developed regions of North and Southeast Asia and the developing African continent. Resource sharing between the two continents is mutually beneficial and will accelerate economic and social development for all.

From our beginning as an investor in the oil and gas industry, to the present where we are investors in multiple productive sectors, we have taken a holistic investment approach. Long-term success is as much based on improving economic and social infrastructure in a country as it is identifying promising projects and businesses to invest in. Something as fundamental as a country and continent's growth and transformation cannot be accomplished overnight. So our investment horizon is long, and we are true investors and long-term partners, not short-term asset traders. Indeed, we have reinvested all of our capital into growing for the future.

Fostering Strong Public-Private Partnerships

We recognize that catalyzing growth is possible only where there are strong public-private partnerships with a shared vision for the future. Without clear government commitment to fulfil its mandated public role, there can be no long-lasting private sector success. We are politically agnostic, but we can only invest when we know we are completely aligned with the public interest.

When we invest, it is not only a vote of confidence in our projects and business partners, but a relentless commitment to do our very best to improve the livelihoods of those who depend on us. For us, corporate responsibility is not just a catch-phrase, it is the very essence of our success formula.

As a result, China Sonangol International Singapore is now an established brand and we are actively sought out as a trusted business partner by both service providers as well as owners of assets and businesses in our focus geographies.

Building a Brighter Future

Asia and Africa are the next waves of global development. Many more hands and resources than China Sonangol International Singapore are required to realize the potential of both continents. This cannot happen in just one lifetime. We hope to accelerate the process by demonstrating that our holistic and win-win approach to investment can work well. By starting early and showing the way with our public and private sector partners, we can make it easier for those who will succeed us to do more, and in a shorter time.

China Sonangol International Singapore has come a long way but we are still only at the beginning. Our model of peaceful and rapid development has proven effective and highly scalable irrespective of geography and sector as long as there is a public commitment to social and economic stability. It is our responsibility to share our experiences and continue our contributions to make a better tomorrow for all.