Our Business

Working hand in hand with the local government, China Sonangol contributes to the social and economic development in Africa.


  • Diamond Projects

    Located in Angola, Catoca is the fourth largest diamond kimberlite mine in the world. China Sonangol is part of the consortium of international mining interests which has investments in the Catoca diamond mine.
  • Exploration and Production of Iron Ore with Bellzone Mining Plc

    Bellzone Mining Plc is a publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). It engages in the exploration and resource development of iron ore, nickel and copper in Guinea. China Sonangol owns approximately 25.01% of Bellzone Mining shares. China Sonangol, through its affiliated company, is the partner for the funding and development of the port and rail infrastructure of Bellzone's flagship project at Kalia prospect.

    China Sonangol, through its affiliated company has also entered into a 50/50 joint venture with Bellzone Mining Plc for the purposes of iron ore exploration and production in the Forecariah prospects located Guinea, West Africa. The first China bound shipment of iron ore was dispatched in December 2012.

  • Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Limited

    Our Hong Kong listed company, Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Limited, is a natural resources company engaged in mining, sales and distribution of coal. It owns the mining right to Kaiyuan Open Pit Coal Mine and an exploration right to Zexu Open Pit Coal Mine in Xinjiang; China.